Prepping meals like a BOSS

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Time to Cut the Fat

While winter is the perfect time to go on a bulk because we’re all covered up in layers of clothing and no one really cares to show off their body, I have made the conscious choice of going on a mini 8 week cut.

Why? Well seeing as you didn’t ask. I’m cutting because in 2 months time i’m going to be a married man and like every other female I want to look my best.

Yes, you heard right! I admit it, I have a HUGE P…retentious ego that is driven by an unwavering unashamed need to be vain!

I don’t care what you say, because lets be honest…this is a one way blog and no one really reads my dribble anyway.

So what am I doing on this cut? wow…why so many questions?! Well using my newly upgraded fangdangle Fitness Calculator I developed I’ve concluded that I’ll need to reduce my calories down to 2500.

Download My AWESOME calculator here

  • Taking 2500 as my goal, I seperate the calories into portions of Protein/Carbs and Fats.
  • Now I convert these portions of calories into grams.
  • works out to be roughly 250grams of protein, 250grams carbs and 70 grams of fats (all you math nerds can correct me on that).

In order to achieve this I’m eating three meals a day and have pre-packed my lunches. Measured out the portions appropriately based on the nutrition labels and using a digital food scale.

Prepping meals like a BOSS
Prepping meals like a BOSS

For example if 100 grams of brown rice has 32 grams of carbs: -To work out how much carbs is in 1 gram of brown rice: 100/32=3.125.

Take 3.125 x 250 (which is the number of allowed carbs in grams) this equates to 781 grams of brown rice per day.

Same for protein. My Basa fillets has 17grams of protein per 100gram of fillet.  

100/17 = 5.88

5.88 x 250 = 1470 grams of basa fillet per day

These numbers are based on the assumption that I will only eat this particular carb source (brown rice) or protein source (basa fillet). They are used as examples only.

Currrently my sources for:

• Protein: Chicken tenders, Basa fillet, chicken thigh fillet, lean pork/beef mince

• Carbs: Brown rice, white rice, whole meal spaghetti, sweet potato

• Fat: Peanut butter, avocado and other minimal fats used in cooking

So there you go. Every Sunday I spend a good portion of my evening preparing  my weekday lunch meals and putting them into boxes. It’s can be a tedious or therapeutic process depending on how you want to winde down on a Sunday evening.

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