Gym: Annoying stuff @ the GYM

Top gym Annoyances

Because I think i’m just that special and my opinion matters i’m going to dedicate a whole thread on what i find annoying at the gym!!

If you fall into one or more categories described below then we can never be friends. I’m sorry…I love you and all, you’re a great person with a beautiful personality, i’m sure you’ll find another training partner… but let me just say “it’s not you…it’s me.”

  1. You come into the gym to socialise – These people annoy me because they obviously can’t fathom the idea of lifting something up and putting it back down without moving their mouth. They will often go with a friend who also doesn’t lift and continues to chat throughout the set…the set that eventually gets done 30 minutes into their “workout”. I don’t hate on people who want to say hello and a quick “how you doing?” but please! spare everyone the talk about how you think your little cat Tinkerbell is plotting to kill you by swapping your deodorant with insecticide
  2. You leave your phone/towel on the equipment when you’re not using it – “Are you done with that?” yes? then why is your towel on it!!! Seriously people, the gym is there to be shared. If you’ve finished your set or feel like socialising the least you can do is take your stuff off so others can use it while you waste your time working your mouth. Putting your towel down on a bench and walking away for 5 minutes doesn’t constitute it being reserved! If you’re taking a break between your sets then that’s cool but if you’re a serious gym go’er your rest should be no more than 60 – 90 secs.
  3. My weights need a rest
    My weights need a rest
  4. You put excessive weight on the machine/bar just to move it an inch and then celebrate like you’ve just beat Mohammed Ali in a bar fight – when in fact you just look like a loser and an amateur. These people think that moving a weight is the same as lifting a weight! These same people also don’t appreciate the concept of good form and injury prevention, they would rather move something an inch just to satisfy their ego then go the full range of motion and be a winner! Lower the weight or forever be doomed with the label douche bag.
  5. Did 10 reps...not even once!
    Did 10 reps…not even once!
  6. Oh dear lord even my tears are shedding tears just watching you lift with BAD FORM – I’m no  form police by any means but again it makes me wonder what some people are thinking when they’re swinging a dumb bell around the room like they’re about to throw the discuss. When you do a bicep curl there isn’t a need to extend your back so much they you’re using everything but yout bicep to curl the weight. This goes for every lift, using bad form really just shows how dangerous you are to yourself and how much basic information you should be reading up on.
  7. Grunters, grunt, grunt,grunt, ROOOAR!!! – No! you don’t sound like a lion but more like a caveman at the first sight of fire. I have nothing against people who grunt, there is a time and place for it such as when you lift really heavy (90 – 100% of your 1 rep max) and going for a max rep or PR. But to keep on grunting even on the first rep of the first set…come on!!! Seriously i think these people have been deprived of attention or perhaps they weren’t hugged enough when young. Either way, please tone it down a few notches the guy across the road just made a complaint.
  8. People who ask questions mid set – Dude! are you a pirate? are you wearing an eye patch that restricts your vision because unless you have a vision problem don’t tell me you don’t notice me doing my thing here! Don’t come up to me or anyone else and ask how many sets they have left while they are in the middle of the set! its damn rude and quite frankly off putting! I don’t get myself in the zone or in the right mindset just for some person with no common sense to jump in and expect an answer mid way. So if i ignore you please don’t think i’m being rude, think of it more like I hate you right now and you should stop talking to me.
  9. Texting or checking your phone as you’re working out – Look, I’ve been found guilty of this once or twice but never has it interfered with the training of other people. If you pick up your phone during the rest periods then that’s cool, just do it without sitting on a bench or another machine whilst someone else is waiting to use it. The gym is there to share and everyone wants to get their workout in. We can’t stand around in the hopes that you will finish off your set, take a quick selfie and then update your Facebook status about how hard you’re working at the gym…ain’t nobody got time for that!
  10. Douche bags that will randomly call out “one more! All you! Yeah push push” while you exercise thinking that they’re helping when really they’re not – I’m sure these guys think they’re helping you grind out that last rep but unless they’re your training partner then they’re just being annoying. I don’t need your random
    “motivational quote” you found on Google, you should concentrate on working an actual muscle that isn’t attached to your face. More importantly when I’m grinding out my last rep, nearly on the verge of death the last thing I want is some egg head to call out “COME ON!! ONE MORE REP”.
  11. Random Spotters not welcome – oh gosh, worse than someone calling out “motivational” words of wisdom are those that feel its ok to actually come up and physically assault you!…ok maybe assault is too much but spot you. Listen here friend…sure it may look like i’m pushing hard on my last rep, some may even say I’m struggling/dying on the last rep BUT when you come over and touch the weight/bar/machine it actually takes away from my focus and you don’t realise it but at that same moment when your little grubby fingers touches the bar…a small kitten somewhere in the world passes away…and it’s all your fault. So please, for the sake of all kittens world wide Don’t randomly spot me.
  12. It’s just hard work BRO – That’s a lie and you know it! This isn’t so much seen in the gym because you wouldn’t expect anyone of these people to admit it but when you see those big guys that look very impressive at the gym…truth is they’re probably on some sort of “enhancement drug” AKA steroids. Its well known within the fitness industry that fitness models, body builders and nearly anyone that makes a living out of selling fitness, their body has gotten to that level with the help of drugs. I see quite a few people at the gym that look great and when i mean great i mean godly (<10% body fat, shredded, great muscle mass) sure they still work out very hard and their nutrition is impeccable but It disappoints me when they give the younger generation the perception that its all attainable naturally when really its a false hope.

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