About Dave

“That means I have another 4 years to beat the Buddha at becoming an enlightened being”

Just me looking awesome

I find it difficult to write these ‘all about you‘ sections because quite frankly I can’t take myself seriously enough. Those that know me are probably embarrassed at my horrible sense of humour, being politically correct doesn’t always come naturally and being a Gemini means I cast my net of interests quite far and wide.

At the time of writing this I’m verging on the age of 30. That means I have another 4 years to beat the Buddha at becoming an enlightened being. Ha! I have no hope!


If you must know about me then let me rattle off a few things that will one day help you out during a game of Candy Crush…not really.

  • I was born in a refugee camp in Indonesia. (fresh off the boat)
  • Heritage is Vietnamese (It’s the cards I was handed man!)
  • I’ve been engaged for 5 years (I think. I lost count at 1)
  • Studied Ba.Science with an Anatomy Major (currently using this knowledge as a candle cleaner)
  • Studied Grad. Cert in Physical Health Education (using this cert to decorate my cat’s scratching post)
  • Big interest in fitness, gym and health. (not doing, just watching)
  • I like design and being creative. (I like showing my feminine side)
  • Tattoos (trying to be more masculine)
  • Alternative/Conspiracy theories. (Because I like to blame others for everything)
  • Metaphysical, Spiritual, new age thinking “stuff” (Because I’ve been told I can only get weirder)
  • Self development and personal growth “stuff” (Because missing the toilet bowl when I go pee pee just ain’t cool)

So there you go! Everything you need to know about me. EVERYTHING!





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