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About Us

IMG_20140427_004007_PerfectlyClear0003From high school snobs to life long partners, Liz and I both share a passion for being awesome! Not really, we’re average…well maybe just a tad above average or perhaps we’re like Jon Snow!We just don’t realise how blooody fantastic we are!!!

Anyway I digress.. As of writing this (14/05/2014) Liz and I have been together for 7 years and this year we’re embarking on the next phase of our life together, we’re getting hitched, tying the knot, walking down the aisle, changing our tax status, going ball and chain, making it legal, going all legit and finally…Buying the cow instead of getting the milk for free!

It’s a big leap for some, not so much for me because this is my 3rd marriage ha! Just kidding…unless you count being addicted to tattoos as a marriage in which case it’s only my second marriage.

Again, digressing.

Some not so interesting facts about us:

Been together for: 7 years.

Children: 3 very hairy girls. 2 of the canine family and one of the feline. (Toffee, Molly and Tinkerbell)

Heritage: Both Vietnamese

Likes: You

Dislikes: Your face

Fun Fact: Getting married is expensive. Very much a fact and quite frankly not that fun come to think of it.

Awesome Fact: Tywin Lannister is a DOUCHE 

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